• The ants appear in the composter when it is too dry or if the content it's not mixed quite often.
  • To keep ants from coming into our composter, you must have a correct humidity in the decomposition process, ie that more wet remains will be added in the composter to compensate with dryness, until you see the ants are gone.
  • Because the ants go to the composter because it is a good place to establish their nests when they see that the compost is very dry, if we mix the composter content they will not make a nest inside in a while.


  • A good way to keep ants out of the vermoicomposter will be setting half a plastic bottle with water ans soap in each of the vermicompsoter legs. Thus, they can not reach the legs to climb and they have to stay in the water.
  • Any other material can be put in the legs, like vaseline or tape so they do not get to climb up the legs.