The honey bee (Apis mellifera) is a social insect. In the wild they build their hives in natural cavities. When a colony grows beyond a threshold, some workers are looking for a place to create a new one. When found, a fraction of the original colony accompanied by rises in flight of a queen and is installed in this new space. This area must meet several requirements, such as a minimum volume, a small access, a suitable surface for hanging the comb, quiet, etc. These conditions are fulfilled many containers as electrical boxes, water meters and electricity, building inner tubes, pool equipment sheds, garden tools, cabinets, etc.

The probability that the bees are set in a composter exists, but is not very likely, because very often opens and closes to meter remains, remove, remove compost, etc. Moreover, it is higher than for any other space that meets the above conditions.

It so happens that the bee is a species protected by legislation, although to a lesser degree. For this reason, you should inform the relevant agency action to be taken to remove it from this location. In the case of Catalonia should advance in writing by mail or FAX to the Department of Environment of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and also send it by mail.