Nature shows us the life cycle year after year.

In all seasons and especially during the fall, the plants shed their leaves, branches, fruit, etc. the ground, resulting in a contribution in tons of organic matter in the forest base.

However, these tons of organic matter do not stay there, as you can see how soon disappear. The question is where do they go?

The answer is very simple, since a variety of weather conditions (sun, cold, wind, heat, etc..) And a large number of organisms of all kinds are responsible for carrying out the decomposition and return it to the ground that trees have been used to nurture and train their fruits.

This type of cycle is what is called a closed cycle, where all material used returns to its starting point after performing the function for which it was obtained. However, human society used in this case the reverse, converting a waste all the resources that used to live and grow.

Thus, making compost food scraps will become us to produce a suitable material to return to the ground, which it issues, thus contributing to the closed cycle of life, sometimes we are working hard to break.