YES                                                                     NO                                                                  AREATOR

Always mix the remains are deposited. There are no layers of materials to make cool, wet or dry materials sandwiched layers, ie, it must be well mixed. This does not mean that it is necessary to remove each day, if not only when deposited a significant amount of the same material, such as grass clippings or a pile of dry leaves.

Now if what you want is close to perfection to achieve a balanced and high quality compost should mix the same amount of nitrogen rich moist remains "green" (kitchen scraps, green leaves, freshly cut grass, plants gardening, etc.). caked that carbon-rich "brown" (dry leaves, straw, sawdust, shredded branches, pine cones, etc.)..

But because the production of some remains determined in a time of year or other changes, it is not necessary to be aware of keeping the exact ratio. That yes, there will be stored dry leaf in a small warehouse or drawer when we have a surplus for when we are not (eg in summer).


When placed every day small amounts of organic matter, simply mix the remains into the compost once a week and only the top layer where the last traces have been deposited. A good way to remove the remains could be, for example, with an aerator or a fork to aerate the remains.