The urban composter can be installed on the terrace, in the garden, on the balcony, in the garage or in the sink, but the most practical place is near the kitchen.

It is essential to place it always in the shade. If it gets a lot of sun, the worms will surely die, because they can stand temperatures of 30 º C / 35 º C maximum. When it is very cold, below 5 º C, the vermicomposter must be placed in a warm place to prevent the worms from dying of too cold weather. If it is not possible to move it, it will have to be covered with something that protects it.

It must be protected from the rain, because water could enter in the breathing holes, and if the tap is closed, it would be flooded. The worms never leave the vessel because it has a closed structure.

It is normal to find some worms on the walls or on the inside of the lid, but it is not normal if we find a crowd of worms on the walls or on the inside cover of the compost or the liquid catching pan. In this case there are probably unfavorable conditions as a toxic material, changes in acidity or excess water. Therefore, if you want to save the population of worms, the toxic material must be removed or dry the material with dry remains as sawdust or wood natural chips, dry leaves, paper, paperboard, straw or coconut fiber.