It is no necessary to calculate what is deposited in the vermicomposter, but around 250 grams a day is what can be recycled in an urban composter.

Keep in mind that the number of earthworms strongly influences the production of vermicompost, ie the worms eat between half of its own weight every day and, in good conditions, they can double the population every three or four months.

However, the population will stop increasing at some point. These worms regulate their reproduction, adapting to the space they have and the amount of food provided.

If the recycling capacity of worms wants to be increased, there is no need to add anything they do not like eating, but there are two basic tips:

  • Ensure that the average temperatures remain around 20 º C.
  • Keep the substrate moistured but not soggy

This will speed up the process of the vermicomposting process.